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Should we rename the "Sitefinity" folder?

  • Should we rename the "Sitefinity" folder?
  • I have created some e-commerce sites where it is practical to change the administrative folder to a different name to cut down on security threats.  I recently was reading a FAQ on Falafel Software's site that alludes to the possibility of changing the Sitefinity folder name.

    Changing the name is simple enough, but my concern is how do you make sure all the services and such contained within that folder are still able to be found.  I have been looking through configuration settings to see if there is one that routes to the folder for Sitefinity.

    Is this possible or even intended with this build of Sitefinity?  If the folder were to be renamed and mapped what would happen during an upgrade to another version?
  • Hello Stacey,

    Thank you for contacting Telerik Support.

    For now if you change the name of Sitefinity folder the website will stop to function properly. Please try to use other types of securing the Sitefinity folder if you want to have the site working as it should be.

    Kind regards,
    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team