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Deploying problems

  • Deploying problems
  • I am trying to migrate an existing Sitefinity project from my local machine to virtual server, the first page is display correctly with the login control.

    After I entered the correct username and password, I am getting a 404 error message.

    The sql server I used in my local machine is MS SQL server database. I want the site points to the same  MS SQL server database as the one I used in my local machine. Do I need to change the database connection string?

    Thanks, ~Pik
  •  After I deployed the project to production environment, it only goes to the "home page".  Everypage I try to go I received 404 error message, even for those pages in the same folder level as "home page". It is working fine on my local machine.  Not sure what did I do wrong. Anyone has any idea?  Thanks, ~ Pik
  • Fixed the issue. It was the IIS setting.  Thanks, ~Pik
  • What setting did u fix exactly? I am having the same exact issue.
  • In iis, under "Directory Security" tab, click on the Edit button on "Authentication and access control" . I unchecked "Integrated Windows authentication". 

    Hope this helps.