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How to deploy custom fields and templates?

  • How to deploy custom fields and templates?
  • We extended Sitefinity via the admin interface, such as adding custom fields to news and creating custom templates for various widgets. If we wanted to deploy this to various production sites, what is the best way we can do this?

    Just some background, deployment of customizations was easy in v3.7 since things were stored in the web.config and physical/embedded control templates. But now in v4.0, most things are mostly stored in the database which makes deployment a bit more complicated. Any suggestions on deploying custom changes made through the admin interface in 4.0?
  • Hello Basem,

    One of the option here is creating several predefined website with combination of custom filelds and use them as a basis. In Sitefinity 4.0 configurations and database are closely related and basically you need to have entire App_Data and the database of the project. All the templates are embedded( in 3.6 -3.7 you have to map them), since in 4.0 you need to map the type and the template  if there is no property - LayoutTemplatePath.

    Best wishes,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team