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Move admin site to another server

  • Move admin site to another server
  • Hi Sitefinity,

    We would like to be able to put the admin part of the application on another machine, separate from the running front end. Is there any issues you can foresee with doing that?

  • Hi e,

    No issues can occur when you do your system set up right and according to the system requirements mentioned in the documentation for running Sitefinity. Also there are very good guides on installing Sitefinity administaration on IIS.

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team

  • My question was a little different. If I have my application in c:\code\website, then the admin part of the site is in c:\code\website\sitefinity. I want to move just c:\code\website\sitefinity to \\server\d$\code\sitefinity.

    The result is that I want users to browse to Internal employees will browse to http://sitefinityadmin/.

    Is that possible?

  • Hello e,

    This is possible through IIS settings and you need to change the host of the application. Generally you need to do directory mapping, because you cannot separate only the Sitefinity backend - you will still need the entire application -bin, ClientBin etc. This results in 2 hosts which also means that you need 2 license keys.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

  • What we ended up doing was putting a copy of Sitefinity on another machine within the netwrok that has a subdomain. That way we didn't need another license and we didn't have to allow people access to the admin from production. We also put in an IIS rewrite to direct people away from the sitefinity admin in production.