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4.1 : Javascript error after editing a widget.

  • 4.1 : Javascript error after editing a widget.
  • Hello,

    I noticed the following error on my Sitefinity website :

    - I go to any page edition,
    - I add or edit a widget. A content block, for instance,
    - I save the widget's modifications
    - I get the javascript error messages : "Sys is undefined", "function is undefined".

    Am I missing a file?

    Thank you,
  • Hi F,

    Errors of type Sys is not defined generally means that there is problem with the AJAX on the server. Sys undefined  means that you're not getting the client side files loaded on your browser.The problem is that ASP.NET ajax libraries could be loaded. Sys is the root namespace for all MS AJAX client classes. Here are two useful posts.

    We cannot replicate this issue locally. Can you try to replicate it on a new project that runs through our Project Manager?

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

  • Thank you for your help.

    I might have done something wrong during the update, because I created a new website, checked it didn't have this specific bug, and then drag and dropped the /bin directory of this new website on mine, which now doesn't have the bug anymore.

    Thanks again,