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Upgrading dev environment from version 4.1.1339.0 to 4.1.1501

  • Upgrading dev environment from version 4.1.1339.0 to 4.1.1501
  • We have a dev environment pointing to a sql database. Dev environment is currently SF 4.1.1339 and I don't have remote access to the server. We have to copy files via UNC to a destination folder with the SF project files and submit a request to copy files to the dev server. We need to upgrade our dev environment to SF 4.1.1501 in order for my controls to work. With this infrastructure what is the best approach to upgrading to SF 4.1.1501. I am afraid to just copy the bin folder over due to a colleague mentioning that when running the .msi to upgrade to SF 4.1.1501 that there was a DB change.  Thanks in advance!
  • Has the dev database already been upgraded?  A lot of times developers will work locally but use the same DB as their dev server(s).  If so, your database has already been upgraded and you just need to deploy your updated project.  If not, followed the instructions here:


    I've done this on a number of occassions and haven't had any issues. 

    One thing to note is the instructions state to "Package the upgraded website without the configuration files from ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration.".  This statement isn't entirely true.  I've had to add/merge a number of config files for the upgrade to run smoothly.  Initially, I didn't and had missing modules/controls.  Specifically, the Lists module was missing because ListConfig didn't exist and the upgrade didn't create it.  The same can be said for new toolbox controls.  I would add/merge the following config files prior to deployment: