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Moving Sitefinity from Server 2008 x86 to 2008 R2

  • Moving Sitefinity from Server 2008 x86 to 2008 R2
  • I have a server which I host and the user is running Sitefinity although I am unsure of the version. I moved all of the server data , SQL DB's and IIS content to the new server. I thought I had everything up and running but when the user logs into the new site and tries to edit a page (any page) the page shows no content of something along those lines.

    The only difference I could notice is the old server main site is running on Classic .Net AppPool V2 and the new site is running on ASP .Net v4 Classic.
    There is also a virtual directory which is Sitefinity and on the old server its ASP .Net v4 Integrated and on the new server its running on ASP .Net v4 Classic.

    If I try changing these to match the old server the sites wont load. I dont know if this even matters for the backend issue the user is getting or if anyone has a check list of things I should have done while moving the sites I would appreciate it.
  • This is my checklist:
    1 - Create a .bak file of the database (Mode: Full)
    2 - Restore it onto the new box,
    3 - Create a new Website on the new IIS7
      - Configure the Application Pool,
      - The access rights,
      - The .NET framework
      - Basically go through Gabe Sumner's video on deployment (
    4 - Change the Connection String to pint to the new SQL Server

    That's all from the top of my head.
  • Hello David,

     Andrei provided a pretty good list of the things you should do when deploying. You can also find useful information on this matter in our Administration and Installation guide: 

    Svetoslav Petsov
    the Telerik team
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