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Synchronization module and content type created with Module Builder ?

  • Synchronization module and content type created with Module Builder ?
  • Hi,

    I am assessing the synchronization module of Sitefinity and when I create a custom content type through the Module builder, this type doesn't show up in the list of content types that i can select to be synchronized between 2 Sitefinity environments.

    How can this be done ? Does it get synchronized if we select synchronization to happen on the whole site ? What are the other alternatives ?

    This is an important question as we want to make sure we understand the deployment of sitefinity between environments before we choose this CMS system.

    Let me elaborate.
    Ideally, we want to have continuous integration as part of our application lifecycle management.

    DEV sitefinity environment changes will be deployed to a Staging environment ( and possibly other environments between the two of them).

    When a developer adds page layouts, pages, ...., this gets stored into Sitefinity DEV environments.
    End users would also add content (news, whatever custom type content....).

    Backing up the whole DEV database and replacing it into Staging is not an option as we will lose content from the Staging database.
    This is where the synchronization module comes into play as far as i understand. But then, if custom content types aren't synchronized this is only a partial solution.

    I am thinking of SQL Server replication as an alternative but how well does it fit together with Sitefinity ? As a disclaimer, I must say I am no expert in SQL Server replication service. Documentation describes different modes of synchronization. In the event SQL Server replication is an alternative, is there one mode that is officially supported by Sitefinity?

    Happy to clarify any point. 
  • Hello Yann,

    Unfortunately the SiteSynch tool does not support dynamic modules, and there are no extensibility points that would allow you to plug in dynamic modules in the synchronization functionality.

    Support for dynamic modules in SiteSynch is not on the roadmap for Sitefinity 5.1, however we are planning to include this in the roadmap for a release after 5.1.

    Radoslav Georgiev
    the Telerik team
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  • Thanks.