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View Sitefinity remotely on URL

  • View Sitefinity remotely on URL
  • Hi,

    I've set up a Sitefinity website directly on the server it is hosted on by using Remote Desktop. This runs fine on localhost, but the site will not work the same when I try to browse the URL (which I defined in IIS).

    When browsing the site on locahost I can see the test page (named Bob) as shown in the screenshot attached.

    When browsing the site using the URL all I can see is the default under construction page as it's saying there are no pages been added yet, even though quite cleary they have!

    Also when browsing via the URL, I can't log into Sitefinity CMS, it keeps saying the username password combination isn't correct, even though I can login with the extact same details when browsing on localhost.

    It's almost like when viewing remotely the site can't see that the database has pages in it?? Please advise how I can resolve this issue.