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Strange behaviour with login & without login (deployed site)

  • Strange behaviour with login & without login (deployed site)
  • Hello guys,

    I just deployed one of test website in our local production server. I found very strange behaviour with my website. 

    When anonymous surfs the website, my some of page contents are not getting loaded, BUT as soon as he/she logins into the website, everything works fine.

    Even when i try to access backent portal by below URL,it returns me [failed to execute URL] error.

    Kindly see attached screenshots for quickly reproducing it.

    Kindly let us know from where we can allow anonymous users to view each & every page irrespect to content type ?

    We are using sitefinity 5 latest version with FBA authentication not CBA. fyi.


  • Hi, Palak.

    This could be a permissions issue. All the content items should inherit the permissions set for the page. Please make sure the content that is exhibiting the behavior has it's View permissions set to allow anonymous users. You do that by editing the page, select the More link for the widget and select "Permissions". "View a Widget" should be set to "Everybody" if you haven't changed it.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

    Randy Hodge
    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Palak,

    Have a look at this thread: Richard Baugh's solution saved me and it might help you.