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5.0 Deplotyment on Arvixe

  • 5.0 Deplotyment on Arvixe
  • Anyone seen this error before?
    Post cache substitution is not compatible with modules in the IIS integrated pipeline that modify the response buffers. Either a native module in the pipeline has modified an HTTP_DATA_CHUNK structure associated with a managed post cache substitution callback, or a managed filter has modified the response.
    My new Arvixe Business Class ASP site is throwing it.
    This 5.0 5280 build site runs FINE locally and on old production server.
    Versions of the site run with EITHER claims based or old forms based configs. Neither runs on the arvixe site. Same error.
  • Hello,

    I would be happy to look into this for you.  If you've already submitted a ticket to our support department, just let me know what it is.  Otherwise you can create one by emailing support@arvixe.com

    Jaron Rolfe
    Quality Assurance