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Deployment License Issue

  • Deployment License Issue
  • Hi, I hope someone can help. I have just launched a site and have the strangest license issue. In development all was working fine, I am using standard withnMobile add on. As soon as I deployed to live server all the standard features have disappeared (no forms, analytics or mobile add on). I go to the version and licensing page and it's says I have a SE license with all of these modules installed. To be safe I even downloaded and Replaced the license file with a brand new one downloaded from my sitefinity account. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Darren Ps - for telerik I have an open ticket but really I needed to try to get an answer faster.
  • Ok, here is my experience.
    If you buy any module on top as an extra, you need to associate it to a license. So in your account area, you need to associate that Module that you purchased as an add-on to the actual license. Then download the license file, put it where it should be. Then recycle the Application Pool, or better still restart it. and then in the Versioning & Licensing page click the Refresh button. That helps a bit as well.
    Of course, check the list of features on the site to make sure that you are entitled to all those extra features given your Edition. Sometimes, if you are developing with a trial Edition that gives you everything and then apply a valid license, it will deactivate many features according to the license. Delete cookies and so on as well. It should work.

    Many thanks,
  • Hi Andrei,

    Firstly, thank you for the time and suggestions it is most appreciated.

    I agree with all that you say and I guess in one way and another I have tried these things, on top of the fact that I had the license file for the site installed even on my local system from day 1 of development.  (This project was created as 5.1.3210.0 but is now 5.1.3270.0).  Simply deploying it has "lost" all of the mobile features, form features, analytics features.  It is as if it thinks it is a SBE license.  All of this is available on my dev machine with exactly the same license file.

    To make this even more bizarre, when I go to version and licensing on the live site it recognizes the edition as Standard Edition and all of the modules that should be present are listed.

    I guess I will wait and see what Telerik support say.


  • Yes, it is strange. I hope it is not leaving any important files behind during the Publish action. Sometimes, I know it just leaves .resx and stuff like that behind, and then when I run it on the production IIS, it is different. Anyway, over to Telerik then.
  • Hi Andrei,

    I remembered today I forgot to come back and update this post with the solution.

    As it turns out, Sitefinity had decided to adjust some of these new features it has and disable items such as forms analytics, responsive design.

    I did not think to look in this new section but was obvious once I did.  How this happened between working dev environment to live deployment I still do not know.

    Anyway all working now.

    Thanks for your suggestions.