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Sitefinity 5.0 with Azure 1.7 SDK

  • Sitefinity 5.0 with Azure 1.7 SDK
  • I'm upgrading my Sitefinity 4.4 deployment to sitefinity 5.0 (as an interim to 5.1). In the process of testing it for deployment to windows azure, I get the following error:
    Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient, Version=
    Only problem is, I'm not using storage client 1.1, I'm using the 1.7 SDK. The exception is thrown in the Telerik.Sitefinity.Cloud.WindowsAzure.AzureDiagnostics.Initialize.
    I've removed all of the Azure SDK references and re-added them to the project and am still getting this stale reference. It appears to be that the Telerik.Sitefinity libraries are taking a "specific version" reference to the Azure SDK.

    Because of this error, I cannot update my deployment to 5.0
  • Hi,

    I have encountered similar problem when the Azure SDK was not updating the Microsoft.Windows.Azure.ServiceClient and Microsoft.Windows.Azure.StorageClient assembly to the latest version in GAC.
    Before building the deployment package go to C:\Windows\assembly and make sure Microsoft.Windows.Azure.ServiceClient/StorageClient is version . If the version is the Azure SDK haven`t updated the assemblies in GAC so uninstall the SDK, reinstall it again and restart the computer this will update the assemblies in GAC. After this build the Azure deployment package and the updated assemblies will be part of it.

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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