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Rerun upgrade from v5.1.2800 to b.3270?

  • Rerun upgrade from v5.1.2800 to b.3270?
  • Hi all,
    Got a way to trick the Sitefinity Project Manager to offer a second upgrade run?

    One project upgraded successfully, but another stopped somewhere with an error, updated the version number displayed in the project manager, but lots of project references are missing (comparing with the other project), causing compile errors.
    Unfortunately, there's no later internal builds of Sitefinity at this time - might have worked.

    Well, it turned out that I did not have a fresh backup after all so I'd really like to see if the project manager would try to finalize..
  • Just sharing my solution:

    The file AzureWebRole.cs was included in the project but read only. That might have stopped the upgrade. The UpgradeTrace.log was identical to that off a successfully upgraded project, so I guess the error box (referring AzureWebRole.cs) came in the very end.
    Replaced the bin folder with a copy from the successfully upgraded project, then made all project references identical.

    Looks like it works, guess the next upgrade will tidy up any remaining pieces! (?)