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load balancing in version 4.2

  • load balancing in version 4.2
  • hi

    we have in our configuration one frontend server that is open to the public and one backend that the content manager works on ( open to the inner network only)

    now the content is being edited in the front but not reflacted in the front only after IIS-call

    my question:

    1. can i just fix that the cache of the sitefinity data is set to 10 minutes ? in the front server. now it will keep the content until iisreset.

    2. i didn't set output cache is it set by default ?

    3. i read the loadbalncing and because of my configuration i needed to know if i need to set the NLB network ?. should i only set the web address of the front server in the backend ?

    and last question ->

    is there a way to call a service explict to clean sitefinity page cache/ all site data cache ?

  • found the


    for answer to 4 - but i need to know what kind of communication the vanilla load balancing is doing ( something like a service to /sitefinity/....svc )  ? any1 ?

  • Hi,

    1. The cache timers are configurable from Administration->Settings->Advanced->System->OutPutCacheSettings->OutOutCacheProfiles (the default profile is Standard Caching) and the default cache timer is 120 seconds, change it to a suitable time.

    2.Output cache is set by default to all pages and content the cache can be globally disabled in Administration->Settings->Advanced->System->OutPutCacheSetting (there are checkboxes for enabling and disabling). The cache is critical to performance so its advisable to only disable it when the site is still in production to ease testing.

    3. Each server instance of sitefinity in the load balancing setup have to be configured acording to this guide, the addresses of all servers are required so they all can be updated for changes and update to pages and content on any of the other servers.

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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