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Somewhat urgent - need to export/import

  • Somewhat urgent - need to export/import
  • Hi,

    One of my company's domains runs on Sitefinity 4.4. We're a translation company and want to translate this website to English (it's in Dutch). Of course we could manually translate each page using the built-in language support, but we're a translation company so we have our own methods to do this really fast by one of our own professional translators. To make the website ready for this procedure I need to export the entire site's contents to XML, then have it translated, and then import the translated version alongside the original website. Is this possible, and how would I go about it? 

  • Hello Bob,

    At the moment there is no out - of - the - box tool which can export all your content from a specific language into the designated  format and import it back again. You may need to create a custom parser for the export functionality. However importing it back into specific new cultures can be really challenging as there are many factors of the translated pages that you need to take care of:

    1. Create new culture / language.
    2. Create new page in that culture as a translation of a specific page.
    3. Decide whether it is split or not.
    4. Copy the content from the English / original / language.
    5. Change it to the translated content.

    What I would suggest would be to create your content manually for each translated ( synced or split ) page in order to limit any errors to 0.

    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team
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