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Community license problem

  • Community license problem
  • Hello,

    I've recently setup one of my websites using Sitefinity, and have licensed it with a community license.  When generating the license I put in the root domain name (ie, assuming that would cover people accessing via either or

    That doesn't appear to be the case though.  If I reload enough (usually between 10 and 20 times) I see a page indicating I'm using a trial version of Sitefinity.  That kind of sucks, but I thought oh well, I'll just go activate a license for and hope nobody leaves off the www. like I tend to do.

    But when I tried to create a license for, it just generated a second license for!

    So is a license for supposed to cover  If so, it doesn't appear to be.  This is using 6.0 4100

  • Rick,

    Starting with version 6, you have to have all domains and subdomains explicitly added to the license. Shoot an email off to and ask them to add www; that should take care of the issue. Keep in mind, you'll need to download and reapply it after sales does their thing though.
  • Ahh, I read about that new requirement but assumed it would only apply to non-standard subdomains (ie or something like that).