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Hosting Provider: Full Trust Requirement

  • Hosting Provider: Full Trust Requirement
  • Hi Colleen,

    Many providers do not provide Full Trust by default, but can set it specifically for you on request. Did you ask them?
  • Thank you Arno, no I did not ask this question.
    Can this be done even in a shared hosting environment?
  • Yes, my provider was able to do this for shared hosting and public cloud hosting. They had to do it overnight. I think it required a reboot or something. But they could do it within a day.
  • I read the following: To successfully deploy Sitefinity, your hosting provider must support .NET 4.0 Framework and Full trust. My hosting provider does not support Full Trust. When I attempt to enter the trust level as "Medium" in my web.config file (as recommended by the hosting company), I get an error:

    This configuration section cannot be used at this path.  This happens when the site administrator has locked access to this section using <location allowOverride="false"> from an inherited configuration file.

    Can I get around this issue without changing hosts?
  • This is the response I received from my Hosting company, after asking them to provide me Full Trust:

    Unfortunately as this is a shared hosting environment we're unable to allow full trust for security reasons.There are a number of articles on the Telerik website regarding compatibility with medium trust environments, some of which are contradictory. There are suggestions that disabling some of the features of the cms that require full trust will allow the rest of the website to work in medium trust, however as we are not the vendors of this cms we're unsure of which ones.It seems odd that Telerik is unable to support standard shared hosting security best practise model.On occasion we're able to allow particular assemblies to be trusted, however these need to be explicitly listed, submitted for review and approval, the hosting account upgraded to our advanced or load balanced level, and an indemnity form signed and returned.

    Please let us know if you would like to go ahead with the upgrade and install and we will send out the necessary forms.


    My thoughts - this seems like a lot of trouble. They said they want me to provide them with a list of assemblies that require Full Trust. Do you think my only option is to change to a Hosting company that supports Sitefinity?
  • Hello Colleen,

    Full trust is required indeed, because our Workflow service is based on Microsoft's Workflow Foundation which requires a Full trust server environment. Unfortunately Medium trust is not supported because of this.

    Since you are still experiencing issues with your shared hosting provider I can suggest you is to navigate to our Hosting Partners page and choose a hosting parting from the list - they are certified to run Sitefinity without having you to experience such errors.

    Victor Velev
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