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Broken Images after deployment

  • Broken Images after deployment
  • We've just deployed our Sitefinity v6 website to the production host, and sever (read many, but not all) of the images have URLs that refer to the entire pathname of the development server. (Even though the images were put in through the image libraries during development).

    So, looking at the page source we see a url that looks like this:


    When it should look something like:

    Or better yet...


    I've seen a few other threads on the forum that talk about this problem, but all for older versions of sitefinity, and the page that used to describe how to fix the problem is now gone.

    We now have our executives upset that we're not live yet, but we can't launch a site that has half of the image links broken.

    Can someone point me in the right direction of figuring out how to correct this?
  • Hello James,

    Could you take a look at the HTML of the content areas where you have images in the back-ends radeditor. Does it have an attribute called sfref=(some guid). This means that images were properly inserted using the image editor and not via direct link. 

    You can perhaps also check the workflowbaseurl setting which is under Administration->Settings->Advanced->System->Servicepaths and see if it is set to something different then blank or your site name.

    Basically there could be a few things that are going on there - images being inserted through direct link, some issue with publishing or rendering, but it will be best to take a look at the project or at least get a close idea over some characteristic of the images that are not showing vs. the ones that there are.

    What would be best is if you can submit an additional ticket with the urls and access credentials so that we can take a look and see if we can debug the issue further.

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