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News and Generic Content link url issue

  • News and Generic Content link url issue
  • Hi Team,

                  We have one site in sitefinity5.0. We have upgraded these site from sitefinity 5.0 to 6.0 for multisite purpose . After upgrade the site, we have created 5 different site(domain like site1, site2,etc.) with main site pages and contents.every things has upgraded properly.

    when i look into news or generic contents link url, it is showing me as parent domain url.For site1 content url link should be  and for site2 insteaded of showing, it showing us and so on.

    Please provide some guide to solve the issue.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Pravat Sharma

  • Hi Team,

                         Please help out to solve the above issue as soon as possible.

     Thanks & Regards,

    Pravat Sharma

  • Hello,

    Actually, the describing from you behavior is by design - the view link opens the item in its default content location (Canonical URL). For SEO purpose each item should have only one default location. In Multi-Site Management, because the content item is shared between sites, the item canonical URL is one across all sites.
    For the module (News, Events, etc.) you can open Pages where <Content type name> are published and manage the priority of the content locations, the top most location that matches the item is the default location for the item.

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