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SSL Certificate and Azure Deployment with Thunder

  • SSL Certificate and Azure Deployment with Thunder
  • I have been working on a deployment of Sitefinity to an Azure Web Role using the Thunder wizard. Now I am ready to begin configuring an SSL certificate for the web role; however, the Azure dashboard says "None of the certificate settings are configurable," and Microsoft's documentation says you should modify the Service Definition file and the Service Configuration file. I was able do download the Service Configuration file from Azure, but I have been unable to find the Service Definition file, which I assume is part of the application package Thunder created (.cspkg).

    Is there a way to configure an SSL certificate with Thunder's Deploy to Azure option, or do I need to create a custom web role project in Visual Studio to be able to make this happen?

     If I should be creating a custom web role project, how can I configure Sitefinity so that the log files will be sent to Azure Storage? Are there other aspects of Sitefinity that must be configured?

  • BTW, I am using Sitefinity 6.1, Visual Studio 2012, Azure SDK 1.8

  • In the process of creating the Cloud Service in Visual Studio I have found that Sitefinity expects to find a local storage called "LibrariesTemp" along with an internal endpoint called "SitefinityInternalEndpoint". I set those up, but when I publish to azure I receive the error:

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.]
       Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.ContentUI.ContentView.GetCacheDependencyObjects() +509
       Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.ContentUI.ContentView.SubscribeCacheDependency() +45
       System.Web.UI.Control.EnsureChildControls() +181
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +59
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +221
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +221
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +221
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +221
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +221
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +221
       System.Web.UI.Control.PreRenderRecursiveInternal() +221
       System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +4200

  • Hello Nicholas,

    In addition to the available documentation, you could check that blog post.

    You could check also Enable HTTPS for an Azure web site and Configuring SSL.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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  • Why should we check the link for enabling HTTP for an Azure Web Site,?.. Azure Web Site is not fully supported for Sitefinity and the Thunder Wizard to deploy to Azure, deploys to a Cloud Service.

     The question of Nicholas is: How can we deploy with the wizard and still configure SSL for the Azure Cloud Service? Or am I mistaking?