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Sitefinity SQL Server database creation/admin user

  • Sitefinity SQL Server database creation/admin user
  • Good morning,

     I'm trying to deploy a Sitefinity application in a development environment where I have limited database access. None of the content or users in the application matter at all - I just want to start from a "blank" site, create an admin user, and go from there. This is all out-of-the-box, nothing customized.

    The first time I scripted the database objects from an existing application. No data, just objects. The new application has the correct connection string for the new database. But I wasn't prompted to create an admin user. The site asked me to log in to the backend, but I never created an admin user so I can't log in.

     Which is preferable, or does it matter: Should I delete and recreate all the database objects and start the app again, or if I just drop all the tables will the application recreate them? Or is there something else I'm missing that will enable me to create an admin user? I don't have the option of manipulating the records in the database directly. 

    The application is in the db_owner role on the database. 


  • Hi Scott,

    If you need a new blank application, best approach would be to drop the existing table and create a new one with the application. Alternatively, when creating a new application you can provide an existing blank db in the creation toll and you will be prompted to create an admin user.
    Could you confirm the steps you used for creating the new site? Did you use an existing application and changed the connection string or is the new application created from the sitefinity project manager?

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  • Have this exact problem and see that no solution was proposed. What is the correct way to handle this? Allowed it to create the tables for a new DB twice now but still no startup page--just keeps asking me to login even though the users table is empty. Help!
  • I have this same issue...why don't you guys just give us a blank database as a .bak?  Can anyone from Sitefinity/Progress help me?