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Updating content of the existing environment

  • Updating content of the existing environment
  • Hi,

    I think that's a pretty straightforward question, but I didnt found a proper solution yet.
    So, the situation is folowing - I have working production version of the Sitefinity based website, with it's specific content etc. Now i want to REPLACE one of controls in all pages which uses it.

    I understand thats the're a couple of options:
    1. Grab production environments DB, attach to dev version, manually update each page (very time consuming, no one will give me a production DB)
    2. Use SiteSync (no one will give me a direct access to production DB)

    Basically my only option is to create a script which will update Sitefinity DB. I just ran my own tests - I have set up 2 copies of Sitefinity DB in on of the copies I just replaced a control. After that I executed SQL data comparison, and WOW, just WOW. Red gate data comparer says that there 're tons of changes in sf_control_properties, sf_permissions, sf_object_data, sf_object_data_sf_permissions. In additions some columns contains binary data, which is pretty hard to read.

    Is there any solutions to update production environment using scripts?
    Thanks a lot!
  • Hello Aleksejs,

    Amendment of the database is not recommended at all.

    I would suggest you using the API to add remove controls on the Page. More information and examples are available here.

    I hope the information helps.

    Svetoslav Manchev
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