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Questions about Site Sync

  • Questions about Site Sync
  • Hi,

     I have a few questions about Site Sync.  All environments are running SF 7.2.5320 and have the same code deployed.

    1. We have Dev and Production.  The client has been making changes in Production and we'd like them in Dev.  We have content that is only in Dev that is still under construction.  If we sync production -> dev, will we lose all our work in progress in Dev?  Or will the contents of Prod and Dev be merged in Dev?

     2. Is it possible to restore a database backup from Production to Dev and overwrite all the changes in DEV?  Will this break Dev?





  • Hello Dan,

    Please note that the synchronization is one way only. It means that you can synchronize data only from one server to another. You could sync from Development to Production, but once you have synchronized from Development to Production, you should not sync from Production to Development. This way you create the content only in your Development server and sync the updates to the Production.

    Please refer to the following article for more details about synchronizing data between two servers.

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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