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Configuration deployment in Azure context

  • Configuration deployment in Azure context
  • When hosting SF on Azure, you are advised to store your config files in the database to ensure consistency across several web server instances.


    Now I am adding a new module or perhaps just a new field to an existing module in my development environment. Testing it. All seems fine.

     How am I supposed to deploy the changed to staging/production? Do I write my own DB-scripts?

    So far we had the plan to dump the production database regularly and to copy it to staging/development. With having the configuration in the database, I am also copying that to the other stages.

     What is the intended workflow for this scenario? Any experience/advise from current Azure users?

  • Hi Kay,

    You will not be able to add up to the already packaged and deployed Sitefinity project in Azure, especially in terms of new modules which add up to the configurations. You need to get the project from Azure locally, add you custom module on it, package it back up and re-deploy on Azure.

    Pavel Benov
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  • I'm testing SF and one of my problems is this.

    I comment this post for ask the same question.


  • Hi Pavel,


    we plan to run Sitefinity for many years and for sure we will have new modules/changes to modules and other things over the years.

     I am learning the following:

    a) If I use more than one webserver, I need to push the configuration to the database since otherwise configuration changes are only written to one of the webservers, not all of them. As far as I understand it, this is not Azure-specific.

    b) If I push the configuration to the database I have no chance to merge the live and local configurations. Cloning the live-DB and using it in development is fine for content but is all configuration really the same?

    Are there and solutions to this dilemma? Could we put the file in an Azure Cloud Storage? Or do I really need to use an SQL-Server diff-tool to push/merge changes manually?

    This is our first sitefinity project and so far we are really happy with the functionality. but deployment continues to be a major headache. I would love to hear stories from other users how you've setup your deployment in a load-balanced/azure environment.

    Release date is drawing near and I would love to have a "fear-free" deployment process. Right now this seems to be light-years away :(