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Sql Server upgrade error

  • Sql Server upgrade error
  • We are upgrading to Sql Server 2014 and have run into an issue with one of our sites (version 7.3.5610.0).  The error is:

    No AdoTypeConverter has been registered for the clrType.
    Parameter name: clrType
    Actual value was Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.SqlGeography.

    The code that is failing: 

    (manager as IGeoLocationManager).FilterByGeoLocation(stores, userLocation.Latitude, userLocation.Longitude, radius, out geolocations, itemFilter: itemFilter);

    I've tried adding a binding redirect (as suggested in one article), but same error.  Not sure where else to go with this.  Everything was working fine with Sql Server 2008 r2.  Any ideas?

  • Having the same problem, have you found a solution?



  • I did get it working, and I think the solution was to upgrade to a newer Sitefinity version.  The reason I say 'I think' is because after upgrading, the error still persisted.  However, I was also seeing other errors (related to the upgrade) so I started working through those errors.  I did not make any specific changes to the GeoLocations code to get it to work.  
  • Thank you, I had a similar experience. After lots of head scratching and Googling I was able to solve it late yesterday. My problem was Windows Update's  failure to install  a complete SQL Server update.  I downloaded and installed the update manually and it worked.  Bloody Bill (again)!

    Many thanks for your post.