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CSS not loading

  • CSS not loading
  • Hi all,

    Wondered if anyone could assist me with an issue I have when deploying sitefinity behind a load balancer? Basically I have an F5 LTM and our website structure requires that we direct traffic based on URI, we have 2 sitefinity instances with different content (2 servers configured for siteA and 2 servers configured for siteB) so essentially, if you open "website/siteA" you get directed to 1 pool of servers and if you hit "website/siteB" you get a different set of servers.

    My problem is, that I have directed traffic via a HTTP rule on the LB, this inspects the URI and directs traffic away from the default servers. The defauly servers host siteA. If the URI contains  /siteB* it directs traffic to siteB servers .

    I have also configured SSL offloading on sitefinity and this seems to work (I don't get any errors saying security compromised due to sitefinity having internal resources configured on HTTP).

    Anyway, the issue I have is that when I navigate to the default servers, siteA, it all works well, as soon as I hit the siteB the CSS doesn't load correctly, inspecting the traffic the "style.css" is returning a 302 and content type text/html instead of text/css. If I switch the default server then the content loads correctly (so make siteB default and it returns the CSS as 200 text/css)

    I have a ticket open with our LB support but just wondered if anyone could suggest why this would be?