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Mulitple versions on one machine

  • Mulitple versions on one machine
  • Hi
    In our server there is already a website which is using Sitefinity 3.7 version . We have a new website developed in Sitefinity 6.1 version and need to host in sane server. Can I install two version s in same server? Will there be any problem to the website which is using older version?
  • Hello,

    You can run two different versions of Sitefinity under the same IIS. Please read this article in the documentation which talks about creating and running projects on IIS. After that you need to configure the IIS in order to host the projects in SItefinity.If you use the ProjectManager.

    When running different versions of sitefinty that are running on different versions of .NET framework sitefinty 3.7 have versions supporting .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 while sitefintiy 6 supports only .NET 4.0. 
    Having the above in mind if sitefinty 3.7 is running on .NET version that is different form .NET 4.0 (here is an article how to check you sitefintiy version) make sure to have separate application pool running in .NET 4.0 for sitefinity 6 site and another application pool running .NET 2.0 or other for sitefinity 3.7 sites this way there will be no problems (here is a screenshot).

    Anjeza Llapi
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