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  • Hi there,

    I've started working a bit more with the Images in the Backend and after adding around 20 images I'm finding performance rather slow (running locally). My suggestion won't change the performance but it will change user experience and that is to default to display Image Albums and then have an option to "view all" should someone want to.

    The first thing I do when working with images is to select an album so I can see related images. If I select a different view (list view instead of thumbnail) it takes me back to the all images view and I have to go back to that album again. To me this is a bug so I suggest you fix it ;)

    Another item is the Sort Order option. I find it really strange that you give the user a tool to drag and drop images into a specific order but then you don't give them the option to view the images in that order. So I suggest you add the option to Sort by SortOrder (Ordinal?).

    Finally if there are features that aren't implemented like "replace image" it should be removed instead of the "Feature not implemented" message. I was recently giving a client some hands on training and this message came up and it was rather embarrassing. If the option wasn't there they'd never know what they were missing, but with it there and then getting an error they asked what they just paid $1,999 for. (Can you imagine in MS Word if you went to Save As and got a message "not implemented yet"? It just wouldn't happen and it shouldn't happen here either, imo.)

    That's all for now but I'm sure the more I use Image the more suggestions I'll have. I haven't used Videos at all but I would assume that most issues above probably exist there as well.

  • This forum category did not exist when I made a similar post about the option for "view all", but I want to add my vote for coming up with a better way of handling this as well.

    I have a site with 50+ images and so when I go to access images from the content menu at the top all I see for 10-15 seconds is a white screen saying done.  Then all the images will pop in.  Similarly if I am trying to select an image to use from the image dialogue I find that there is a pause for the cause while it fetches the entire set of images.  I would much prefer it to either default to only showing images from the default album first or to just display a friendly text message prompting the user to select which album they wish to pull from.  Then still have an option for them to view all should they wish to do so.  Another thought would be to allow a default album configuration under settings.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I must say that I, and the team behind me agree with you. We are definitely thinking on improving the performance in all areas, in this case in the backend as well. As for the bugs, most of the things are already on the radar. 
    Thank you once again and.. you should see improvements on those on daily basis :).

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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  • We just deployed the SP1 update and we are still having performance issues with images in the admin section. We still do not have the option to have the image manager to show albums only. I am sure this option will help a lot with the performance as we would no longer have to wait for all the images to load. Is this going to be fixed in SP2 or will be waiting until SP3?
  • Hello Jeremy Bush,

    Is this going to be fixed in SP2 or will be waiting until SP3?
    We are currently testing solution that should increase the performance. Q1 will bring all performance optimizations that we were working on in the last couple of weeks. 

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team