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  • Hi!

       Good to see that this CMS has the feature of adding title tags, meta tags, and description on each page I optimize unlike other CMS that you still need to add a plugin to have those features. But, as the category of the forum indicates, I have some complaints too. lol.

       I'm having a hard time optimizing a site that's made of sitefinity. I'm not saying that sitefinity is not user friendly. I'm saying like features of the CMS. Like, for example, adding some google analytics files etc. as well as the sitemap.xml I've generated. Also I went looking for how will I be able to optimize the alt tags of the logo image of the site but can't find where to change that. I've looked several tutorials, video as well, but can't find a clear answer or there is really no answer I guess. Yes, I'm trying to make SEO on my site. I've checked out some controls that might help me optimizing images and yes I found one--Twitter Profile widget control which can be found here http://sitefinitycontrols.codeplex.com/ . And I guess there's no other. You might want to provide us some though. 

       I'm wondering as well whether there is some like footer editor here on sitefinity. You know, parts of a website, header, body, and footer. You might want to provide any that can help us optimize those parts in just one editing. Coz I found out that if I want to edit my template, let's say the footer and I want it to be applied on the whole site, I still need to edit several templates under Pages->Templates.

      Hope we can find some answers for these soon or email us back if there are specific tutorial that can answer these. Coz I might be missing something. Thanks!
  • @Richard - I raised the fact that the ALT tag on the image control was missing a couple of weeks ago - www.sitefinity.com/.../alt-tag.aspx.

    I am told it has been logged as a bug with a high priority.

  • Hi higgsy,

       Thank you so much for your reply and that link is indeed very helpful. Sorry if I'd ask again but I seem unable to see where could I possibly find that properties of the image. The image that the website is using is located at  Files -> (then there's sets of folders and went to App_Themes) -> (then under App_Themes folder went to default folder) -> Images -> (and then I saw lots of images including the image I want to change the alt tag). After that I found no properties. If I right click the image the only options are "Rename", "Delete", and "Copy". I looked around the page and really found no properties to select on.

    Note : I haven't install any additional controls so do I need one for me to change the properties of my image? If so, could you please help me what control to look for? Thanks for reply higgsy I really appreciate it. =)