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Save Draft button while building a page

  • Save Draft button while building a page
  • We are finding our employees are losing work because they work on a page for a while before publishing it.  They edit, preview, edit, preview until they have it working.  But if they get interrupted or their session times out, all their work is lost. 

    My instruction to them is to Publish frequently to generate a revision that they can go back to if they need to.  On a production website that means we are releasing incomplete work.

    It would be nice to have a SAVE DRAFT button to save their work as a revision but not publish it.

    Not a big deal, but it would be appreciated.
  • There is a save draft button?...

    I mean...I have one, which SKU are you using?  Community?
  • Hi,

    we have a user who's attempting to save a draft of a form. They create a brand new form, drag a single textbox in, hit 'safe draft' and the message displays success at the top. But when they go back and then reopen the page the textbox is gone and the form is blank again.

    Frustrating that this handy feature is there, message says it has save, but nothing happens.