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Change RadEditor toolbar in specific places

  • Change RadEditor toolbar in specific places
  • I want to modify the RadEditor toolbar for JUST the news module for example. I understand that you can either change all the RadEditors or none for the toolbar (, but if I go to "Content > News > Settings" and then go to "News > Controls > NewsBackend > Views > NewsBackendInsert > Sections > MainSection > Fields > Content", I can see all the settings for the RadEditor for just that template.

    Can you please put a field there to enter the toolbar's virtual path or embedded resource path for the XML file? It seems like the perfect place to put it, instead of overkill to override the entire HtmlField and change the toolbar for the entire system. I would be glad to further explain if needed. Thanks!
  • Hi bemara57,

    This is not yet possible. You will have to edit the template for inserting news items and then edit the editor control there to point it to the relative path. We are however planning a feature the same as the one you have described.

    Radoslav Georgiev
    the Telerik team