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Forms - Multi-Item Fields Need Easier 'Quick' Entry

  • Forms - Multi-Item Fields Need Easier 'Quick' Entry
  • It's common for me to need multi item fields, like a drop down list for instance, to contain lots (50+) of items. Currently there is no way to enter these very quickly into a multi-item field without switching back and forth between mouse and keyboard for each and every item (tested on Firefox and IE).

    At a minimum, I'd like to suggest at least making the '+' and '-' buttons tab-indexed, so I can focus them by tabbing through the form (and thus eliminating the need to switch between mouse and keyboard constantly).
    Perhaps maybe an option to choose to populate the items from a textarea field, with each line representing 1 item, this would be really great because then we could easily copy and paste the items from one multi-item field to another.
  • Hello Chris,

    Thanks for sharing with us your feedback, we really appreciate it. The fields themselves are tab-indexed, so my suggestion would be to create the empty fields, and tab-fill them afterward - this should be a faster way of entering the data.

    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team