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  • Under version and licensing we only see the major version information for Product version:

    I recently upgraded my site to sp1 and the project manager shows that the site was successfully upgraded,  That is great, but moving this over to a production site I will not have access to a project manager and this would be a very quick and easy spot for me to confirm if the production site did indeed upgrade.

    EDIT:  So I just found the build info on that page.  My new suggestion is to ignore what I just stated, but maybe have the build listed with the product version instead of at the top.
  • Hello Aardvark,

    Thanks for the feedback. 
    There is one way to see the version - check out the source code of a cms page (both front and backend). There is a meta tag Generator:

    <meta name="Generator" content="Sitefinity 4.0.1098.0 PE" />

    This is the build number as well as the edition running.

    the Telerik team