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Confirm saves of Settings

  • Confirm saves of Settings
  • Hi there

    First of all I tried to use PITS now since I don't see Telerik moving anything from here to PITS. BUT - if you click on Request Feature or Submit Bug it will take you to forums.

    So back to this forum hoping Telerik Staff will somehow track these things anyhow.


    Small request.

    Administration - Basic Setting - Comments for example

    Make changes, hit save changes -> wouldn't it be nice to have a small green area telling you "changes have been saved"

    Regards Markus
  • Hi Markus Berchtold,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will log a task to add confirmation messages in Basic Settings.
    I have also updated your Telerik points.

    Kind Regards, Antoaneta
    the Telerik team