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Ability to give Placeholder a name

  • Ability to give Placeholder a name
  • Hi there,

    Here's a feature request (and if it's possible already please enlighten me). I have a template based on a custom .master file. It has approx 6 content place holders for my content editors to drop content into. Due to css conflicts/issues it doesn't quite look like it should in the backend but it looks totally fine when viewing the site. In order to help my content editors I think it would be really great if I could give the place holder some sort of label. So instead of seeing six boxes that all say "no widgets added to this box drag widgets here" it might say "Navigation Box: No widgets have been added to this box Drag widgets here" so the user know s that the box is for navigation, or side content etc.

  • Hello Phill,

    Currenlty in order to achieve this request you can use some custom CSS styles applied to your master page which display such texts. This is not a straightforward approach, it is more of a workaround. 

    In Q2 we are planning to solve this problem by providing the ability to add widgets in templates which serve as base widgets for users editing the page. With this functionality you will be able to add a navigation widget in a placeholder of your template. Within the page the user will see the widget in the placeholder and will be able to edit its properties or select content for it. I hope this implementation will work for you. It is tentatively planned for SP1 of Q2 due in May.  

    We are curious in investigating why your pages doesn't look well in the backend. Can you send us the page and styles in a separate ticket so that we look into the problem and provide a solution?

    the Telerik team
  • Any news on this.

    It realy would make working with own masterpages easier. Especially since SF reservers some space even if you have a 15px top contentplace holder. So sometimes the place holders get pushed down a lot.

  • Hi all,

    This request has not been planned yet but since it turns out to be popular, I logged it to PITS on this link:

    Please vote for it to raise its priority. We will consider it during the planning sessions for the next release.


    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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