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  • I am not able to make feature request on PITS for SF

    Is this a bug or a feature ?

  • Hello Markus ,

    Posting requests to PITs is done via our ticketing system. You should follow the same steps you follow when you post feature requests or bug reports in section Your Account.
    When we consider that the request is popular and needs the review of our clients, we will post it to PITs for you. The whole process is moderated by our support. If you consider a request worthy going to PITs you can mention that in your ticket and we will treat it with greater priority.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
  • Well since PITS routes you to forums I thought bugs repored in the forum get addes as well.

    So should we drop reporting bugs in forums and use the support every time in order to have them listed in PITS?

  • @Markus, I'm realizing that PITS is useless. I can be a show stopper of a bug for us or one of our clients, but if Telerik doesn't think so then it will never make it to PITS. I personally think the system is flawed but as Steve pointed out in another thread this is apparently the case with all Telerik poducts and PITS (I just don't think their other products are possibly as buggy or feature in-complete).

  • @Phil, 

    I hope you don't mean I think they have buggy\feature in-complete bits :)

    I don't really ask for features that SHOULD be there (i.e. incomplete) mostly things that I would LIKE to see built in...and you do find bugs when you have > 10 products and I use them all weekly (17 point-generating bugs in 2011 so far)