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EventDates need scripting

  • EventDates need scripting
  • I shouldn't be able to select an Event Module End date less than the Start date

    Also, can I somewhere set the DateTime\Format for the boxes?  I much prefer Monday April X, 2011 over 1/04/2011.
  • Hello Steve,

    I tried to set event end date before the start date but i was not able to do it. A warning came up telling me "Event's end date cannot be set earlier than its start date." I am using SF SP1. Therefore I could not reproduce the issue. Can you tell me which version of Sitefinity you are using? Also can you tell me a little more about your project? Have you tried to explore this situation when creating a new project?

    You can change the date format on the pages using custom templates but there is no global variable which will change all the dates format in your site. This is because the date is hardcoded through a number of different strings which cannot be changed.

    Kind regards,
    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team

  • Here's a video of it...I think its the latest internal build


    *EDIT* you are right though, there is validation on NEW events, just not edits...
  • Hello Steve,

      I have also tried reproducing the issue on 1238, but did not show up on local environment. Have you tried to create and edit an event using new project ? If the problem does not reappear in a new project please use Firebug to check what comes up when you select an earlier date and give me more information about your current project and environment.

    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team