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  • Copy/Move controls across pages
  • Hello!

    Are there plans to implement a function to be able to copy or move controls from one page to another? Maybe with clipboard. Often we have to move controls that have many properties to set from one page to another. It would be practical to move or copy the whole control, without need to set the properties again.

    Greetings, Dieter
  • Hello Dieter,

    We have not planned the implementation of this feature but I will log it for internal review and consideration on some of the next planning meetings. I also posted it in our Issue Tracking System on this link. There users in our community will be able to see and vote for it. Often we make decisions on implementaions based on client feedback.

    There is a similar feature planned for Q2 which might help with such problems. Users will be able to create page template and mark some widgets in it as editable within the page. Currently widgets used on templates cannot be edited on the pages which use those templates. With the  new functionality users will be able to change widgets coming from templates within the page. This will allow you to reuse widgets (and their settings) via page templates.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

  • I realize this is an old question, but the answer is from 2012 + there may be some more people out there that need to know this.

    We at eVeliko managed to create a module that allows you to transfer controls from one page to another (template to template, and page to template are being currently researched). As easy as copying it from the source page and pasting it to the target page.

    The module takes about 3-4 minutes to install on Sitefinity and is ready for use. No complicated install. Just place 2 files in the bin folder and that's it.

    It works for free on localhost and costs 49 USD / domain in case you decide to use it in production.

    Here is the link to Copy.Paste.Done in the Sitefinity marketplace:
    Copy.Paste.Done - easilly copy controls between Sitefinity pages.

    You can also contact us through our website ticket system in case you need some time to use it on a production server.

    Hope this helps,
  • Update: we have a getting started video that will show you how easilly you can install and start using our product for free.

    Watch it here:
    Getting started with the Copy Paste module for Sitefinity

    Check us regularly as we will soon add more viedos and tutorials on how to do your day to day Sitefinity job easy and with style.