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Doctype declarations in Administration

  • Doctype declarations in Administration
  • Hi,

    Would it be possible to add the ability somewhere in the Administration section to define the desired doctype for all pages ?

    Somewhere under admin > advanced > project an option called 'desired html doctype' and then from a dropdown select the desired option? 

    At first this could just be a replacement for the current doctype declared in the templates, but later on in the roadmap this could be used as conditional check to see if certain attributes/classes need to output. At the moment, the internal template are XHTML 1.0 Transitional but later on people might want to go for HTML5.

    Of course, if I use a custom masterpage this can already be achieved (accept for the form tag, but I posted a ticket for that already) but we'd miss out on a lot of extra features and abilities.

    If there were a global variable/symbol check, we could for instance use html5 tags like 'article' on news and blogs.

    Google really seems to like that these days and as time progresses more and more people will want to be flexible in document types.