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Changing Templates + Keeping Content

  • Changing Templates + Keeping Content
  • Where did my content go when I changed my template? 
    When you go into a page and change the template the content that was on the page disappears. That is weird you should be able to reassign existing items. Two possible ideas. 

    1. When you add a content item is becomes available in the toolbox so you can move anything that has been added to a page to any template. 

    2. In content edit mode add a changable id field for each content section while in layout mode. Then you could map same ids to share the content somehow.

    Obviously the first option is way more usable than the second option and I imagine it would be a straight forward implementation. I can't wait until you do this. It would make a clients life ten times easier. 

    This is a must have feature. 
  • Hi Jaime,

    Thank you for the insightful suggestion. In Sitefinity 3.7 there is such functionality  to view the individual Content PlaceHolder IDs that are set in my Master Page while editing template. Please consider Sitefinity 4.x is a complete rewrite of the source and some of the thing which were available in Sitefinity 3.7 are not currently implemented in 4.x . Currently to preserve the content of your pages after template change please refer to this forum post.

    Regarding your first suggestion Sitefinity uses the widgets which take their content from modules and you can just drag a widget corresponding to the content you want to show to the desired template and all content is preserved because it is accessed from the module. So we have presentation and data layer.

    Regarding your second suggestion I can`t really understand what for is this shared content between content sections needed please clarify your example.

    Kind regards,
    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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  • This is solved in 4.1 sp1, Thank You
  • How was it solved? Thanks...
  • The Content Items Linger
    When, I change the template for a webpage the content items are lingering so all I have to do drag them back to the positions I prefer. Prior to 4.1 the content items were not lost but were only available to the template that they were created in context with.