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  • I had an issue with forms styling and after some support ticketing it seems that the follwing is true.

    When you create a form under content forms and select styles for your textbox for example or where you want the labels the css classes are applied to the items.

    However the css itself seems to be included in the Basic Theme. So if you use your own theme then you got simply no styles definition.

    Well after all the testing I thought this is just another bug.

    a) its good to know that if you use your own theme that content forms css need to be coded by the developer
    b) it then would be nice if we had some way to know which styles are applied where (kind of having a template)

    So after having found out that I need to provide my own css for forms created when not using the basic theme I either have to ask telerik once more for a  code example or use firebug to see what css should be set and then figure it out myself.

    Of course I will ask telerik to provide me with the sample css styles from the basic theme.

    I just think that there must be a better way to do this.

    1) SF delivers the basic forms css when ever a form is draged to a page (we can overrule it with !imporant)
    2) Telerik somehow provides us with codesamples of the css from the basic theme.

    Am I off the track?

  • So if you use your own theme then you got simply no styles definition
    a) Yeah, That's pretty much the point, you're the one defining how it looks, and for a css guy blank slate with some basic html is way way way better than having to write heavy selectors or excessive use of !important.

    b) Something like....Aaaa THIS! :)

    I dunno, personally...I'm a firebugger.  Put everything into a page and just change the styles that need changing by inspecting with firebug...makes for less CSS than styling everything.
  • @Steve

    Thanks for the link! And I got the hint RTFM :-)

    I hope I am forgiven this time. And actually I agree that this is better then having to override them and I see a much better flexibility in this.

    I whish Telerik would add sfTxtBoxExtraSmall and sfTextBoxExtraLarge to the pulldowns so we could have 5 styles for styling the width for example.

    Steve thanks again for the link this is acutally a great help. In a Supportticket you would get 10 out of 7 possible stars :-)