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  • Still real green when it comes to Sitefinity and I am having to make the decision between building some custom functionality as a module or a widget.  I know the basics of widgets and modules and have built a couple of each, but I am curious what thoughts go into deciding between a widget or a module when functionality of the new feature could be accomplished in either.  I figured it mostly related to permissions, localization, ect. but couldn't find a post or documentation with a breakdown relating the two and when to go with one or the other when building out a custom solution.  Thanks in advance.

  • The way I look at is is if I need to have separate db tables to store data, or the same data needs to exist on multiple pages...then I go module, and then widgets are your front end view to that shared data. If I just need something simple data specific to a page, then go widget
  • Thanks Steve, so the main focus when choosing a path should come down to if you need to encapsulate data in a repository which needs to be used on multiple pages you should go with a module.  But if your solution does not require multiple pages to show your data creating more of a  one-to-one relationship (one piece of content to one page) then a widget may be a better plan as the data can exist within the page without the need to persist it to a seperate table structure. Am I understanding this correctly?  Also, can categorization, tagging and annotation of content still be utilized if using a widget?