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Better Edit UI for templates

  • Better Edit UI for templates
  • I looked through the suggestions posts and did not see this, but I doubt I am the first to suggest this.

    My suggestion is to think about changing how you represent editable areas in the UI or at least offer an option to have a more minimalistic view.  I understand that your current approach makes it clear to end users what areas they can edit and delete, but as a designer/programmer it sometimes is painful to stack editable areas on top of each other without breaking the layout in the template designer.

    Let's say I have a tagline in the header and immediately below it I have my navigation.  By default your edit blocks will take up a minimum height which sometimes causes items to overlap each other.  I get around this by either directly targeting the blocks with css and changing the height (which can also affect how easily you can click on edit/more options) or by leaving it be and letting the customer know that they will not see the same thing on the public end.

    Is it possible to look at an approach where those edit/more title bars will only appear during a mouse hover.  This would at least give a truer representation of what the design is supposed to look like and would possibly remove some of the difficulties when stacking multiple content regions tightly together.
  • Hello Stacey,

    Thank you very much for the valuable suggestion. This really makes sense and will be communicated with our UX team. They will prepare improvements in the template editing area with your suggestion in mind for Q3 release.

    Your Telerik points have been updated.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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