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  • Hi,
    I'm fairly sure I've looked everywhere for this and can't find it. 
    From what I can tell you set the approver and publisher in the workflow, and this is a global setting, now my problem is that we don't have global approvers.  So at the moment when a page is sent for approval everyone in that group is sent an email letting them know connect is ready for approval even if they don't have access to that page.

    My structure

    Division 2
    -- pages
    Division 3
    -- pages

    all have View = everyone, BUT each division has its own Approver, so if someone edits a page under division1, division 2 and 3 approvers also get emails, yet they don't have any permissions to edit the page.
    One option I thought of was adding 2 permission settings at the page level
    "Allowed to Approve changes"
    "Allowed to Publish page"

    By adding this in, it would be some simple logic
    the workflow section is used simply to determine what Button is shown IE Send for Approval, Send for Publish, Publish, etc.

    If send for approval, email is sent to all in the approve list for that page
    if send for publish, email is snet to all in the publish list for that page.

    If you also left the approver and pubish options on the workflow section, you could inherit from there.  Probably not so much of an issue for pages, but might be needed for news, events, and the other content items.
  • Hi Byzza,

    Thank you very much for this suggestion. By design approvers are global. You can set one user as an approver only for content items and another user as an approver for Pages but still you are not able to specify more details like which pages exactly or blogposts under specific blog etc.

    Your idea is very interesting and I have logged it in PITS where you and other customers can vote and raise its priority. The issue ID is 6977

    Your Telerik points are updated.

    the Telerik team
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