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Provide additional add-on purchasing options

  • Provide additional add-on purchasing options
  • I would like to see the ability to purchase additional add-on modules or increase the existing limits for Small Business Edition.

    Small Business customers could definitely benefit from the Form Builder functionality, but cannot necessarily justify spending an additional $1500 to gain that functionality.  Prior to Sitefinity v. 4.x, Sitefinity v. 3.7x users could purchase this functionality from Falafel Software for $29-$99.

    Therefore, I would suggest that Sitefinity offer a similar model for Sitefinity v. 4.x allowing Small Business edition owners to purchase the Form Builder module to develop forms as an add-on module.

    In addition, if a Small Business edition owner needs to utilize more pages than the current restriction of 50 pages, Sitefinity should also allow the purchase of batches of Pages in limits of 100 pages.

    This would significantly decrease the costs for current Sitefinity users and also help to increase revenue for Telerik Sitefinity especially when the ASP.Net CMS market is now growing with the release of Microsoft's own free ASP.Net Orchard CMS.  Even vendors such as Kentico CMS does not have such a low restriction on the number of pages that can be created with the free edition of their CMS software.  They simply limit the total number of content items to 1000 regardless of whether they are Pages or some other type of content item.
  • Hi Samir,

    This is a great idea, and we have discussed making the "variables" of the Sitefinity editions more modular to where, for example, you could increase the number of supported email campaign recipients with an add-on vs upgrading to the next licensed edition.

    At the current time, the best way to add Forms capability in Sitefinity 4 is via the Standard Edition and higher. This lets you take advantage of the rich, user-friendly layout experience, and it provides a significant value to any client using their site for marketing and lead generation.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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