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SharePoint-like modal dialogs

  • SharePoint-like modal dialogs
  • I would like to request the use of SharePoint-like modal dialogs as are present in SharePoint 2010.  When I go to add or edit information to a SharePoint List such as an Event calendar, I am presented with a modal dialog whereby I can easily edit the content without leaving the navigation of the existing page.  This would be extremely useful throughout the Sitefinity Administrative website especially in areas such as editing the Title and Properties for pages.  This would avoid the unnecessary navigation steps of clicking back and forth between editing the Page and editing the Title and Properties for the Page.
  • Hi Samir Vaidya,

    Thanks for your suggestion. 
    Unfortunately we won't be able to implement this for the existing dialogs, or even for the news ones, since they share the same infrastructure. We will think of ways to change the underlying core dialogs infrastructure, so that we are able to support modal dialogs.

    the Telerik team

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