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Making Hierarchical Taxonomies more dev-friendly

  • Making Hierarchical Taxonomies more dev-friendly
  • Hierarchical Taxonomies (Categories) should be a lot more extensive than they currently are.

    1. NextSibling & PreviousSibling - Just as it is beneficial when dealing with PageSiteNodes, it would be wonderful to be able to use next and previous sibling functionality.

    2. GetTaxons should return only the top level taxons in a hierarchical taxonomy. Similar to Sitemaps, if I ran GetTaxons, I could then loop through each of those parent nodes and load the children (and then continue, recursively).

    3. HierarchicalTaxon.HasContent - Boolean value that would return true/false whether the taxon is being used by any of the content modules. This would be handy in case you want to hide it from the menu. I know that you can use a TaxonomyStatistics query for this functionality - but that is very hokey, and also returns all of the categories as a single-tier list instead of the top level taxons.

    Adding this functionality would open doors for new controls.


  • Hello Conrad Ehinger,

    Thank you for these suggestions. We will consider implementing them in one of the next versions of Sitefinity. I cannot give you a guaranteed timeframe when this would be implemented though, but since these requests are quite valid I suppose that would be in the very near future.

    Lubomir Velkov
    the Telerik team
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