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  • Hi,
    It seems to me that the Performance issues for Sitefinity at the moment are the most pressing. That is my understanding from what I can read in the Telerik correspondence in the Forums and from using Sitefinity myself. Yet there is such little "official" documentation on it. I understand that if I go through all the threads, I can find myself loads of tips on improving the performance, but when I checked out the official documentation here, I found a half of a page and that's all. And not only that, but it only says "you can do that, or this", but no indication as to exactly how to do it.

    What i suggest is...
    1 - Get all those wonderful tips found in all the threads centrally into the official documentation, so that I know what are teh official recommendations and which ones are not.
    2 - Get the details about how to do it (screen shots, etc.) and not only what you can "maybe try and see...".

    So this is not a feature suggestion but a documentation suggestion. If you do it, then it will be a wonderful resource.

    Many thanks,
  • Hello Andrei,

    Thank you for contacting Telerik Support,

    We appreciate your suggestions and will schedule a revision of the official documentation about performance.

    the Telerik team
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