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Removal of dependencies on Silverlight

  • Removal of dependencies on Silverlight
  • I would like to suggest that the Sitefinity Content Management tool remove all dependencies on Silverlight and get back to basics with using AJAX and jQuery for all of its operations.  Sitefinity v. 3.7 continues to be significantly faster than v. 4.3 (or any version of v. 4.x) and I believe that a large part of the problem has to do with being plagued by all of the Silverlight assemblies.  Most code nowadays can be accomplished by using HTML 5 and jQuery, so why not just dump the Silverlight altogether?  There will never be complete mobile support for Silverlight and Windows 8 is planning on shipping a version of the browser with no support for plug-ins whatsoever! 

    If operations were dependent on HTML 5 and there was a stipulation that I would have to use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to complete them, I would have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever.  But please don't make everyone suffer by using Silverlight just so that you can support Internet Explorer for content management operations--IE is losing its market share each and every day to competing browsers...
  • Hello Samir Vaidya,

     Thank you very much for this suggestion. We always try to stay up to date with the latest trend inside the IT area, so we can assure you that we will go with whatever is current. It is still early to say if we are going to remove the Silverlight dependencies, but we have certainly taken this into consideration. 
    Again, thanks for the feedback - we value the opinions of our clients very much and we always put them in first place when we plan our releases. 

    All the best,
    Svetoslav Petsov
    the Telerik team
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  • Please implement more Silverlight in Backend.

    To make the CMS like a real Programm.

    HTML are bullshit for a lot of Tasks. HTML is not faster than Silverlight.
    The most Problem here are the Javascript and AJAX Stuff. This will slow down the Server.
    Every AJAX Call makes Traffic on Server. Altough Tasks which are Client Site Stuff.

    And by the way. The Silverligth Stuff inside 4.4 is only ~5 MB.
    The ASP Stuff is nearlly ~120 MB of DLLs which loads.
    And the Silverlight Stuff is not correct optimize. The analytics part can be optimzed about 500 less with telerik minimizer. And why are all themes of Telerik in the XAP. Can we use all?
    Why MediaPlayer and upload not as seperate XAPs ?

    It seems that the Webguys didn´t play well here ?  But its easy to say Silverlight is the Problem.
    Some answers from WebTeam here to correct this kind Information would be nice.

  • TMatt, I don't know what planet you are on, but silverlight is BS.  It was created to compete with Flash, but Flash is SOOO 10 years ago.  Web Applications were around long before Silverlight.  I dare you to compare any application built with Silverlight to one built a more modern and acceptable approach such as degradable HTML5. 

    Telerik doesn't necessarily stay on top of the current trends, but they do keep up with everything Microsoft.  Earlier Telerik stuff only worked with IE for instance.  While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, Silverlight is one MS solution that was unnecessary from its inception.  XAML is great for markup in dedicated environments since it is platform independent and gives dedicated applications the design ease of the HTML.  Silverlight is XAML for the web -- WHY??? 

    I have had multiple clients choose other CMS options over Sitefinity for this one reason... Silverlight is a dirty word for any non-dev, or any dev that didn't start as a winform develpoper for that matter.

    I would like to see Silverlight removed completely...
       1.  ClientBin has to match exactly with Bin, which causes headaches
       2.  Even though Silverlight has OSX and Linux implementations they are wonky --
            For instance if you drag a video control on a page, don't expect to work on anything but
            windows.  Even worse, most of the Silverlight controls in Sitefinity have to deal with
            images and video.  Image and Video folks, a.k.a Designers, a.k.a Apple Fan-Boys have no
            idea what Silverlight is, causing headaches for the IT department.
       3.  There is absolutely no reason for Silverlight, there are plenty of JQuery multi-upload
            tools out there as well as Video players that not only work everywhere but have added
            functionality such as automatically choosing the best quality for the browser/screen.
       4.  Silverlight requires a second development environment
       5.  The world is Mobile -- Where is Silverlight and Flash in the mobile world !?!

    P.S.  4.4 is looking great by the way, this is one of the last complaints I have with your system.